Tailored Parliamentary

Have your own eyes and ears at Westminster, the European institutions and the devolved assemblies

ParliamentToday is the Internet portal for the tailored Parliamentary monitoring service operated by Parliamentary News Service ...

The original Parliamentary monitoring service

Intelligence gathering is vital in today's world of public affairs. Being ahead of the game is essential if you want to have your voice heard in the corridors of power.

Established in 1966, we were the founders of Westminster monitoring. We keep our clients informed of all news in the policy-forming arena at the earliest possible opportunity at the same time as helping them avoid information overload.

Up-to-date tailored intelligence gathering
An interactive contact management system
A flexible interactive diary system

Having used a number of different monitoring services in the past, I find Parliament Today by far the best in terms of flexibility, timeliness and accessibility. It is easy to use and so ... More Ilan Jacobs, Government Relations Leader, GE UK

Why ParliamentToday?

Our aim is to provide you with your own "eyes and ears" at Westminster. We also cover Europe, the devolved assemblies, major think tanks, pressure groups, NGOs and other sources of news.

Have an impact — have your say

In addition to Westminster monitoring, we provide an interactive contact management system, making it quick and easy to put your point across to your stakeholders.

The CMS includes the biographical and contact details of...
Civil servants
Special advisers
Members of the devolved assemblies